Jun 5, 2018
Idea 1:

Bank - Now I don't mean like a "Federal Reserve" type bank or the normal ones you see getting robbed, I mean like a safety deposit bank where you can steal anywhere between 100k and 1 million. Reason, gives both everyone and new thing to do.

Design - Not meant to be near the Federal Reserve, small (so use a small building that's in the map, NO editing needed, it is a storage facility), only bolt cutters needed as it isn't a big priority for the government to protect international interests of rich people.

Pros - more things to do for everyone and provides new challenges.

Cons - not sure if it would work

Note- Do not put it in any town near kavala or any spawn point
Additional - bank insurance. How does it work? Go to the ATM and buy the insurance as when the Federal Reserve gets robbed you loose all your money (all players on server as civ) then after 5 mins you get your money back if you have the insurance. (not needed for the idea).

Idea 2 -
Vehicle repossession :
How does it work?
Go to a warehouse and break in with bolt cutters. After some time you get a car and take it to a chop shop for money.
Design - simple pre built area, takes 5 minutes to break into and steal a car (i.e a car spawns outside the warehouse, random generated.)

Pros - more things to do.

cons - unknown if it works.

Idea 3 -
More things for delivery missions. What do I mean? By this you can transport items of a set load catered to your vehicle, eg. if you have a Truck with a massive virtual storage you can take the max amount of said item to the delivery point and get paid that way.

Additional - there is the legal side for delivery ops and now make an illegal side where you are taking weapons or drugs etc to certain drop points.

Pros - requires skill and will get paid more. Increased interest from people.

Cons - unknown if it works.

Overall -
Pros - retaining players and more interest for new players.
Cons - will take time to build and fix (depending on how it goes).