NHS Application for J. Bailey

Jul 17, 2018
Age: 26
Arma 3 Hours: With all my accounts about 13,000
What can you bring to the table: I have been in multiple Arma 2 and Arma 3 chief medical positions. And I'm always down to learn new things and help people learn vanilla medical system and ace medical system
Why should we choose you(150 words): I don't believe writing a report of their career is a good idea for someone in a medical position, I understand that people in life servers sometimes try and troll and As the best person for this kind of role is someone who is easy going yet durable, and being a medic to keep civilians and police alike alive is not for people who are only semi into this game and its player base. I wish to be a medic to help peoples in game RP everyday lives and hope to achieve a happy "alive" player base.
What days will you be active: As of now I can be active 24/7 until girlfriend, work and Milsim ops.
Have you been NHS/Medic before if so what servers: I have been a medic in many milsims back to the start of the 15 meu on Arma 2, but never a life Rp medic.
Have you ever been kicked or banned on an server and why: No, I am generally a nice guy who is always willing to chat.
Time zone: PST
Any Questions: No, none right now, maybe a bit later when I'm in game.