Rober police app (real one)


New member
Jul 15, 2018
Arma 3 Hours:1009
What can you bring to the table:I can bring Streets free of crime i can make crime perish from the island of Altis, i can bring high respect to higher ranks and comanding officers.
Why should we choose you(150 words): Im joining for my own safety and the rest of civilians of Altis im not saying you should choose me, But i know how too contol my gun my RP my lanugage ill have high repsect to other officers and civilians, i might not be the best out here, but i can certainly get sh*t done. Muse family better know what their doing.
What days will you be active: As much as i can daily n summer 2-5 h School year less.
Have you been police before if so what servers: Full RP 3 servers Lake side PsiSyn GTA UK and aother wich was disasembled due to owner change
Have you ever been kicked or banned on an server and why: No. and not looking forward doing somethig that will get me banned kicked etc
Timezone: GMT (+3)
Any Questions: Will i get free coffiee?